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Brand: AGE Model: AGE10-20
Contains:Roasted Chicken Wings w./ Honey (3Lb)Mix Fruit Salad w./ Smoked Chicken (4Lb)Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent (20 pcs) Mini Beef Burger (10 pcs)Mexican Nachos (1Lb)Potato Bravas (1Lb)Crispy Sole Fish Roll (20 pcs)Penne & Smoked Chicken w./ Mozzarella Cheese in Pesto Cream (5Lb)Chorizo jambalay..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE18-22
Boston Lobster (1pc)Snow Crab Claw (8pcs)Braised Abalone (8pcs)Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallops (8pcs) Pig’s Knuckle in Germen style (1pc)Saint Louis Pork Rib (8pcs) Duck Leg slow cook with Orange (2pcs)Roasted Sprung Chicken in African style (1pcs)Beef Cheek braised in Red Wine (1set)Tagliatelle(600g)Ga..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE18-22
Contains:Mix Fruit Salad w./ Smoked Chicken (4Lb)Mexican Nachos (1Lb)Potato Bravas (1Lb)Roasted Chicken Wings w./ Honey (2Lb)Ham & Cheese Sandwiche (30pcs)Blue Cheese Tart w./ Ratatouille (30pcs)Crispy Sole Fish Roll (20 pcs)Tableware (including fork/spoon/plate) (22 packs)..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE10
Cold BoxStarter 1.Parma ham & Garden Salad &Starter 2.Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Coleslaw Roll&Starter 3.Slow braised Beef with Tomato in Vol-au-vent&Dessert 1.New York Cheese Cake Hot BoxH Starter 1.Pork Knuckle in Germen ​&H Starter 2.Devil on Horseback (Grilled Oyster w/ ..
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