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Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-S03FRY25
Wet-and-dry useCan choose massage mode and speedErgonomic designWireless charging and using產品保養:此產品為原廠行貨貨品保養期 : 12 個月提供保養之公司 : 美斯凱實業有限公司保養中心資料 :地址 : 屯門洪祥路3號田氏中心3座903室聯絡電郵 :
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-M01MC0283
1. 低頻脈沖釋放與人體相仿的生物電流, 刺激神經穴位,活化經絡 2. 微小輕柔的生物電脈沖,刺激肌肉產生自動循環的收縮放鬆運動,塑造完美體型..
Magical Hand Magical Hand
-30 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-S03Y18
Modern and modest design; user-friendly operation; wireless and rechargeable. Magical Hand massages the whole hand, and wrist area, with full air-cushion. 3 intensity levels for 3 massage modes tending to your different needs. It will relieve your fatigue and muscle tension in your hands, care for y..
HK$898.00 HK$1,280.00
Massage Mattress With Heat Function Massage Mattress With Heat Function
-64 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-X01FE8301
Built in 10 high-frequency massage ball, massage intensity can be adjusted, there are 3 intensity level and 5 massage modes. Vibration massage effectively eliminate fatigue, relax muscles. Also, with a heating function, which can promote blood circulation. Easy to carry, it can be used for sofas, ch..
HK$599.00 HK$1,680.00
Max Eye's Max Eye's
-30 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-S07UL310G
產品詳請:Max Eye’s只有300克重,而且體型細少,隨時隨地,想按就按。加上熱療可以加速血液循環,配上溫柔的揉捏按摩,加倍舒緩眼部疲勞不適,更可消除眼袋和黑眼圈。內置的藍芽功能讓你一鍵連接你的智能裝置,輕鬆按摩同時更聆聽心儀的曲目、媒體。產品保養此產品為原廠行貨貨品保養期 : 12個月提供保養之公司 : 美斯凱實業有限公司保養中心資料 :地址 : 屯門洪祥路3號田氏中心3座903室聯絡電郵 :
HK$898.00 HK$1,280.00
Max Roller Max Roller
-40 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-M01MC0313M
產品詳請:Max Eye’s只有300克重,而且體型細少,隨時隨地,想按就按。加上熱療可以加速血液循環,配上溫柔的揉捏按摩,加倍舒緩眼部疲勞不適,更可消除眼袋和黑眼圈。內置的藍芽功能讓你一鍵連接你的智能裝置,輕鬆按摩同時更聆聽心儀的曲目、媒體。1. 輕巧便攜全方位按摩2. 4D多角度瘦身滾輪3. 充電式設計,無線使用產品保養此產品為原廠行貨貨品保養期 : 12個月提供保養之公司 : 美斯凱實業有限公司保養中心資料 :地址 : 屯門洪祥路3號田氏中心3座903室聯絡電郵 :
HK$599.00 HK$998.00
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MaxCare-001
禮券有效期:1年 電子現金券只可在每次交易使用一次。 只適用於GroupBuyer 網上購買 MAXCARE 產品。 Maxcare Industrial Limited..
MAXCARE - Max-Bike 多功能活啓健身單車 MAXCARE - Max-Bike 多功能活啓健身單車
-20 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-SJ02J917B
產品詳請:人性化設計,7段座位高度調整,不同身高都可使用。亦有寬闊的座椅和椅背,提高運動時的舒適度,更能持續鍛煉。10段永久磁控阻力,利用磁力大小控制阻力,不會產生任何消耗之餘亦可類比戶外路面情況。改良X型結構卡腳問題,增大車距,即使身高較高也不會膝蓋卡腳;R型車亦降低車台高度,更適合和方便長者使用。利用固定插鎖切換X車型(健身型)/ R車型(臥式車)。附設的拉力帶可鍛煉整個上半身及核心肌群,一邊消秏脂肪,一邊增加肌肉耐力。超強靜音設計,使用時無噪音雜聲,讓你在安靜舒適的環境下享受運動樂。方便使用者的LCD顯示幕,速度、時間、距離、卡路里、ODO總里程數、心率,一鍵切換顯示,清楚掌握自己的使用..
HK$2,380.00 HK$2,980.00
-33 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-X04XQSR01
Cyber Run designed with foldable, which you can fold the Cyber Run to storage. And it only take 1.5m spaces, suitable for every family. One touch operation. Just press the power button to turn on Cyber Run and then you can start running. Press the program button to see different information, such as..
HK$3,980.00 HK$5,980.00
MAXCARE Max Pro 2.0 MAXCARE Max Pro 2.0
-65 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-M01MC0547
1. Relieve muscle stiffness 2. Reduce lactic acid level 3. With hot and cold massage head產品保養此產品為原廠行貨貨品。保養期 : 12 個月提供保養之公司 : 美斯凱實業有限公司保養中心資料 :地址 : 屯門洪祥路3號田氏中心3座903室聯絡電郵 :
HK$1,280.00 HK$3,680.00
mHuggy Pro mHuggy Pro
-33 %
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-X03HY2107
mHuggy Pro which have 8 3D massage heads to reach different body parts. Mimicking real hands and focusing on different parts of the body and reaching the right acupuncture points. Arc design with 3D massage heads can improve accuracy, reach deeper layers of the skin and relax tense muscles. Heat fun..
HK$599.00 HK$898.00
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MC0194H
An unique and considerate design that take care of your limbs, joints, preventing hurt.A new technology exercises (auto-motivate by electrical motor) eliminate the hurt of jointsEspecially help the elderly people exercise their limbs and activate the recover the healthy treatment.Ideal for busy peop..
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