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Organic Civets Coffee KOPI LUWAK

Organic Civets Coffee KOPI LUWAK
Organic Civets Coffee KOPI LUWAK
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KOPI LUWAK, produced on the Indonesian island of Sumatran, also called civet coffee, is know as “the rarest coffee among the existing varieties, and the top coffee in the world”.  Coffee cherries are fermented as they pass through a civet’s intestines, while pulp of the cherries are digested, the hard original coffee beans are defecated.  These excreted coffee beans are washed, dried, roasted and processed.  Civet’s digestive enzymes and gastric juice break down storage proteins, reducing the bitterness and enhancing the velvety taste of the Civet Coffee beans.

Ingredients : Pure Mandailing Arabica Kopi Luwak (Gound Coffee) 

Serving Per Package : 10g x 5 Drip Bags

Roasting Level : Medium Dark Roast

Net Weight : 50g


1. Tear along the dotted line on the filter brewer

2. Using 150°C (approx.) coffee cup, place hangers onto two side and widen the filter opening. 

3. Pour filtering water just below boiling point 95°C very slowly over the ground coffee. Steep for 3 minutes, drink slowly, ENJOY ! 

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