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AMAZING ADVISORY Magnetic Eye Lashes AMAZING ADVISORY Magnetic Eye Lashes
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Brand: Amazing Advisory Model: GBHWW2021011801
產品資料:AMAZING ADVISORY - Magnetic Eye Lashes 發明專利獨一無二的軟磁力眼睫毛, 美麗持久防風防水, 不怕風吹雨打都唔會甩, 美麗持久環保耐用, 兩秒帶上, 一秒卸下, 美麗不費吹灰之力, 讓你眼睛充滿神采產品重點特點推介:發明專利 全球首創 快靚正 平 循環使用 專利軟磁力睫毛..
HK$450.00 HK$988.00
Brand: Biofit Model: GBBIO2021033103
BENEFITSDeep Cleansing : removes impurites, make up and sloughs away dead skin cells without drying out or irritating the skin. Soothing : Gently cleanses the skin and helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it smooth, weightless and refreshed. Protects : Offers daily p..
Brand: Biofit Model: GBBIO2021033104
BENEFITSRehydrates : easily absorbed and instantly restores skin’s natural moisture level. Protects : restores skin’s natural lipid balance and bring forth a smooth, young looking skin.Boosts : provides effective and healthy skin microbiome environment to support the skin’s natural repair proce..
Brand: Biofit Model: GBBIO2021033101
BENEFITSPurifying : anti-pollution effect, anti-fatique & brightening effect, more uniform skin complexion, less visible pores.Reduces : wrinkles and fine lines, skin imperfections.Strengthens : the cutaneous barrier, probiotics of microbiome.Promotes : cellular repair and collagen regenerationU..
Brand: Biofit Model: GBBIO2021033102
BENEFITS Purifying : anti-bacterial and anti-pollution effect. A healthy, fresh and luminous look.Rehydrates : keep skin moisturizes and refresh, helps prevent water loss throughout the day.Strengthens : the cutaneous barrier, probiotics of microbiome.Repairs : soothes irritated and sensitive s..
Model: HK150416-497
Complexed hyaluronic acid provides strong hydration and regenerationto dry and sensitive skin.✓ Hydration✓ Soothing✓ RegenerationHyaluronic acid solution is composed with different particle sizes to fill the skin with full of hydration (Hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, Sodium Hyaluronate..
Model: HK150416-495
A potent lifting eye cream with Peptide and Phyto Stem Cell that visibly reduces wrinkles, refines skin texture, and improves any symptoms of ageing with minimal discomfort.✓Instantly hydrates dull and dry eye areas✓Diminishes the look of fine lines✓Firms the skin✓Improves dullness under eyes✓Improv..
Model: HK150416-499
Gently exfoliates the skin, preventing clogging of pores and making the skin soft and bright.✓ Improve Skin Texture✓ Improve Skin Tone✓ Pore careAvailable from sensitive skin to scared acne skin with soft peeling without pain. Strong Lactic Acid 10%(AHA) melts dead skin cell softly, 8 patent and per..
Model: HK150416-500
Activate to skin cells and promote collagen production to reducewrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.✓ Elastin Recovery✓ Improve Fine Line & WrinklesRetinol (Vitamin A) is the most well-known ingredient for wrinkle care and improve skin elasticity, it meets plant stem cell culture which is great..
Model: HK150416-496
✓ Hydrating & Soothing✓ Strengthening elasticity✓ Improve skin tone✓ Intensive rejuvenation4G Bio-Cellulose, Stem Cell & LotuStemAnti-ageing rejuvenation mask infused with stem cell conditioned media and highly concentrated 8patented actives in the 4th generation bio-cellulose. It quickly so..
Model: HK150416-501
✓ Regenerate skin✓ Increase elasticity✓Wrinkle improvement✓ Improve skin toneSTeMiN™, LotuStem™ & Super Centella™Helps to repair and restore the ageing skin. High functional rejuvenating cream that contains Human Bio Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Stem Cell Activator and 8 different patent ingredi..
Model: HK150416-502
Boost RecoveryHelps to repair and restore the ageing skin.✓ Cell Activation✓ Skin Regeneration✓ Skin RejuvenationHigh functional regenerating serum that contains human bio stem cell conditioned media, plant stem cell culture and 8 different patent ingredients. It’s Anti-Ageing daily serum for focuse..
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