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Danique Lactic Resurfce Perfection Serum 30ml

Danique Lactic Resurfce Perfection Serum 30ml
Danique Lactic Resurfce Perfection Serum 30ml
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Gently exfoliates the skin, preventing clogging of pores and making the skin soft and bright.

✓ Improve Skin Texture

✓ Improve Skin Tone

✓ Pore care

Available from sensitive skin to scared acne skin with soft peeling without pain. Strong Lactic Acid 10%(AHA) melts dead skin cell softly, 8 patent and performance active ingredients improve skin texture to make clean skin. By using Lactic Serum constantly, you can also expect increase skin immunity.

Active Ingredients:

• Lactic Acid (10%) - Activates production of collagen and elastin.

• HerbEx Green tea Extract™ - Anti-oxidative, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-wrinkle.

• HerbEx Yeast Beta Glucan - Boosting and repairing the skin immune system.

• Jeffic® Aloe - Soothing skin and increase skin flexibility.

• Fuligo™ - Enhance skin barrier with stem cell activation and collagen synthesis.

• Volcanic ash - Remove metabolic waste & dust in the pore by strong adsorption effect.

• Niacinamide - Anti-pigmentation, Brightening.

How to use:

Apply a thin layer on cleansed skin in the evening, avouding eye and lip contours.


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