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D4 網店購買玩具、 雕像造型及動作模型。品牌包括 TOPI, Flame Toys, 千値練, Gecco 及 Tree House。

Size: 26x W17x H16cmMaterial: 100% PolyesterCountry of manufacture: China ..
Size: 40x W13x H30cmMaterial: 100% PolyesterCountry of manufacture: China ..
Material: PlasticCountry of manufacture: China..
Size: 14 x 10 x 7.5cmMaterial: 100% PolyesterCountry of manufacture: China..
Size: 14 x 10 x 7.5cmMaterial: 100% PolyesterCountry of manufacture: China..
MANEKI PLUSH (LITERATURE BIRD)Dimensions: about 12 x 10.5 x 12 cmMaterial: 100% polyester fiberCountry of origin: ChinaAbout fabrics and parts:Depending on the color of the monitor, the product color may differ from the actual product...
< Figure Features >The head, arms and legs are covered with flocking. The fur is recreated with the right length of flocking so that it looks and feels exactly like the real costume. The painted blood on the flocking was a real challenge to achieve, but the hard work paid off, making this a tr..
"Iron Man" comes as the first item of a whole new action figure series "Fighting Armor" by Sentinel!In this innovative series, the human body will be covered in a "suit" while each joint point is carefully designed in pursuit of articulation as close as possible to that of a true human body.Die-cast..
The Iron City is here!!Maginzer Z appears in the RIOBOT series!Unique articulation gimmicks allows reproduction of the action scenes in the animation.The original toy weapon “Dynamic Scrander” developed by Photon Power Laboratory is included.You can enjoy various modes by rearranging Iron sword and ..
The latest item that is going to be released in 『METAMOR-FORCE "BARI"ATION』, the series featuring a full collaboration with Mr. Masami Obari, is the long-awaited【God Σ Gravion】piloted by Sandman!The toy comes with combination gimmick allowing【GranΣ】to combine with the Grandivas to form【God Σ Gravion..
『POLYGO』 - gradually shows you things that you can’t see at first sightA new innovative form of character design by placing simple layers together to form characters.We call this “POLYGO”."Mewtwo" from Pocket Monster is presented!Two arms are rotatable so you can display it with the pose you like.Th..
Japan VisionKids BaikinBye バ イ キ ン バ イ wearable anion air purifierProduct special features: Soothes allergic symptoms, reduces second-hand smoke damage, removes 99% of PM2.5, does not bury viruses and bacteria, removes allergens, purifies air,Is it hard for children with asthma and nasal allergies? ..
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