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- Learn how to make a rich and delicious lobster bisque by Seafood Chef Gary Lau.- Bring your own lobster bisque home and enjoy with your family.- Learn wine pairing skills for your seafood dishes with Wine Expert Bobby Ho. - Enjoy wonderful lobster dishes including the lobster bisque, lobster ..
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課程介紹:想在期指、股市行運戰無不勝?就要Mark實財經週刊《炒股幫》行運社長劉東霖、「股壇神算」玄學家李應聰師傅、獨立股票人岑智勇三位神人喇。他們長駐《炒股幫》、SkyFinance財經台官方認可的收費資訊谷 – 真行運學堂大三元,陪你贏足365日。Share News Media Limited..
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