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Medic Glow - Vita-C Duo Serum (15ml x 2)

Medic Glow - Vita-C Duo Serum (15ml x 2)
Medic Glow - Vita-C Duo Serum (15ml x 2)
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[Swiss Made] Medic Glow VITA-C DUO SERUM uses the latest technology in producing the freshest L-form Vitamin C on your palm every time you combine SUBSTRATE and ENZYME. L-form Vitamin C is a robust skin whitening agent and antioxidant, yet unstable and easily oxidized in air. With VITA-C DUO system you can achieve this pure form Vitamin C anytime, anywhere.


Powered up with multiple potent anti-oxidants such as Vitamin EArginine and oriental plant extracts, and whitening ingredients including L-form Vitamin C, Arbutin & Licorice. The serum helps your skin defense against free radicals and UVR damage from the sun. Further enriched with Vitamin B5 & retinoids, with daily use, it can brighten your skin tone, improve pigmentations and prevent premature skin aging.




Directions: Wash your face thoroughly, after using skin toner, mix equal portions of SUBSTRATE and the ENZYME on your palm. Apply to face, neck and décolletage with gentle massage. Focus on area with age spot and pigmentations. Apply the serum in the morning before sunscreen and evening for normal skin type.Apply the serum in the evening only for sensitive skin type.




15ml x 2 /0.51 fl oz x 2

Product of Switzerland

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