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Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)

Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
Walgenbach 2.5% CBC + 2.5% CBD Oil (2.5% - 250mg)
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100% MADE IN SWITZERLAND                                                      

                                          Key facts about Cannabinoids

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the 100 different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. CBD (in contrast to the psychoactive THC) does NOT have an intoxicating effect. Cannabinoids work via the so-called endocannabinoid system, which has receptors everywhere in the body. With the help of these receptors, to which CBD docks, the body's own impulses, the nervous system or also the immune system can be influenced.

CBD are said to has anti-inflammatory, analgesic or favorably influencing pain perception, calming and anxiety-relieving effects.  Other known cannabinoids are CBD, CBC, CBG & CBN.

Fields of Application

Is Cannabinoids dangerous?

Other than the well-known THC, cannabinoids has NO abuse or dependence potential according to the WHO.

Are there side effects when utilizing cannabinoids?

There are five basic side effects that can occur when taking cannabinoids - low blood pressure, dry mouth, diarrhea, loss of appetite and fatigue.  All of these adverse effects are thought to be short-term side effects -- meaning that they only last as long as the cannabinoids remains in the body.

When and how often to take cannabinoids?

Beginners always start with a lower percentage of cannabinoids in the beginning so that the body get used to it.   Suggest to increase the dosage step by step.

Regarding to use cannabinoids soft gel or cannabinoids oils, it is purely a matter of their hobby.  Somebody is not used to apply oil but prefer to use soft gel.  Effect is the same but cannabinoids oil works faster than cannabinoids soft gel.

Best to use it 3 times a day, before breakfast, lunch and before sleep. cannabinoids works fastest if you do not drink or eat anything for 15 minutes after taking it. Do not take cannabinoids together with medications, but at the earliest after 1 hour.   In caseof doubt consult your doctor.

How cannabinoids is taken?

1. stand in front of the mirror 
2. lift your tongue
3. put a few drops directly under the tongue
4. wait 1-2 minutes, then swallow

What is the cannabinoids oil dosage for beginners?

People without cannabinoids experience should start with a low dosage and slowly approach the optimal amount of the herbal extract.
Recommendations advise one drop of cannabinoids three times a day. If the substance is well tolerated, but the symptoms have not yet subsided, the dosage can be adjusted weekly, but at the earliest after 3 days.
The active ingredients can be absorbed best if nothing is eaten or drunk for the next 10 to 15 minutes. This gives the drops the opportunity to unfold their effect optimally.

About percentage for using Cannabinoids oils:

Cannabinoids oil should ideally always be taken at the same time of day and over a longer period of time. However, the natural extract can also be helpful for acute complaints. The extent to which an effect is achieved depends, among other things, on the percentage in the cannabinoids oil. Cannabinoids Products are available under the following names:

Cannabinoids oils  2,5% / 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 30%
There are also combination cannabinoids oils such as CBD+CBG, CBD+CBN that work synergistically.
To dose correctly, it is also important to know how much cannobinoid is contained in one drop of the oil.

The size of Walgenbach 10 ml MIRON Bottle is based on 250 drops and each full pipette dropper (tube) contain 1 ml = 20 drops.  

Carrier oils & taste

Cannabinoids oils from Walgenbach are available with different carrier oils. Hemp oil has the authentic bitter taste, MCT oil is coconut-based and very neutral.  For beginners, there are also oils with natural flavors, as well as chicken or fish flavors for pets.

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The product need to be pre-ordered, and the delivery date around one week

Why is Walgenbach the best cannabidiol oils on the market?

There are many reasons why Walgenbach from Switzerland offers the best cannabidiol oils on the market. The most important reason of all is that all productions processes are 100% under our own control, since we have a fully vertical integrated organization. That means that we can guarantee the highest quality across all steps of production, from the hemp cultivation until the final product.  Secondly, our hemp is grown at our family owned organic farm near Lake Geneva which there is no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This is certified by “Bio Inspecta AG” in Switzerland.   Thirdly, we use only the best and most gentle super critical CO2 extraction process to retrieve all of the beneficial cannabinoids (not just CBD, but CBC and CBG as well!) for our products.  Although it is the most time-consuming and expensive process, it is the most environmentally friendly, gentle and high-yielding process.   Finally, we guarantee that every single production batch is tested by “Cannabis Analysis”, an independent 3rd party lab in Switzerland.  Last but not least, our oils are bottled exclusively in high-quality MIRONGLASS (violetglass) so that the precious and sensitive ingredients are optimally protected.

Third-Party Lab Tests     

Walgenbach guarantee all the cannabinoids products are organic and contain no pesticides! All Walgenbach products are tested and certified by Bio Inspecta Ag., the 3rd party laboratory in Switzerland! 

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