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Brand: Biofit Model: GBBIO2021033108
Restores surface layer of the skinRelieves itchingDeeply hydrates and nourishesPrevents future flareupsSafe to use long term and over large parts of the body..
Brand: Kiwi House 卡怡可斯 Model: Kiwi004
產品特色:補充學童成長所需營養和維他命高鈣成份,多種維他命和礦物質,支持骨骼及肌肉發展添加DHA,有益腦部發展不添加砂糖、防腐劑及化學物質適合37個月起兒童作用:補充學童成長所需營養、DHA,高鈣成份,多種維他命和礦物質,支持骨骼及肌肉發展 建議食法:將約25克卡怡可斯高鈣學童成長奶粉,放於150毫升溫水中,攪拌後飲用 建議食用份量:7歲及以下(37個月以上): 每日1次8至12歲: 每日2次13歲或以上: 每日2-3次 成份:全脂奶粉、脫脂奶粉、豆奶粉(非基改大豆、麥芽糖、麥芽糊精)、乳清粉、麥芽糊精、奶精(葡萄糖漿、精製棕櫚油、乾酪素鈉、檸檬酸鈉、單及雙脂肪酸..
 肯尼海鮮 刺身壽司到會專門店-- 日本吉品鮑魚刺身撈起(配日式胡麻醬)(6人份)
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Model: KE007
肯尼海鮮-- 日本吉品鮑魚刺身撈起(配日式胡麻醬)(6人份)現售: $468送貨時間:下午2:30-6:30最少前一天7點前下單,第二天2:30-6:30送貨如有疑問 請whatsapp : 9202 2250..
HK$468.00 HK$600.00
Model: GaryLau
- Learn how to make a rich and delicious lobster bisque by Seafood Chef Gary Lau.- Bring your own lobster bisque home and enjoy with your family.- Learn wine pairing skills for your seafood dishes with Wine Expert Bobby Ho. - Enjoy wonderful lobster dishes including the lobster bisque, lobster ..
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-S03FRY25
Wet-and-dry useCan choose massage mode and speedErgonomic designWireless charging and using產品保養:此產品為原廠行貨貨品保養期 : 12 個月提供保養之公司 : 美斯凱實業有限公司保養中心資料 :地址 : 屯門洪祥路3號田氏中心3座903室聯絡電郵 :
Brand: MAXCARE Model: MAX-M01MC0283
1. 低頻脈沖釋放與人體相仿的生物電流, 刺激神經穴位,活化經絡 2. 微小輕柔的生物電脈沖,刺激肌肉產生自動循環的收縮放鬆運動,塑造完美體型..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE10-20
Contains:Roasted Chicken Wings w./ Honey (3Lb)Mix Fruit Salad w./ Smoked Chicken (4Lb)Wild Mushroom Vol-au-vent (20 pcs) Mini Beef Burger (10 pcs)Mexican Nachos (1Lb)Potato Bravas (1Lb)Crispy Sole Fish Roll (20 pcs)Penne & Smoked Chicken w./ Mozzarella Cheese in Pesto Cream (5Lb)Chorizo jambalay..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE18-22
Boston Lobster (1pc)Snow Crab Claw (8pcs)Braised Abalone (8pcs)Pan Fried Hokkaido Scallops (8pcs) Pig’s Knuckle in Germen style (1pc)Saint Louis Pork Rib (8pcs) Duck Leg slow cook with Orange (2pcs)Roasted Sprung Chicken in African style (1pcs)Beef Cheek braised in Red Wine (1set)Tagliatelle(600g)Ga..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE18-22
Contains:Mix Fruit Salad w./ Smoked Chicken (4Lb)Mexican Nachos (1Lb)Potato Bravas (1Lb)Roasted Chicken Wings w./ Honey (2Lb)Ham & Cheese Sandwiche (30pcs)Blue Cheese Tart w./ Ratatouille (30pcs)Crispy Sole Fish Roll (20 pcs)Tableware (including fork/spoon/plate) (22 packs)..
Brand: AGE Model: AGE10
Cold BoxStarter 1.Parma ham & Garden Salad &Starter 2.Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Coleslaw Roll&Starter 3.Slow braised Beef with Tomato in Vol-au-vent&Dessert 1.New York Cheese Cake Hot BoxH Starter 1.Pork Knuckle in Germen ​&H Starter 2.Devil on Horseback (Grilled Oyster w/ ..
Model: AGE3433
(3433) Smoked Gammon Ham roasted with Honey (Half Piece, around 2-2.5 lb) (Sliced)..
Model: AGE3434
(3433) Smoked Gammon Ham roasted with Honey (Half Piece, around 2-2.5 lb) (Sliced)..
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